Stacie Thomas is a Makeup Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist serving the Seattle area & Beyond. She specializes in clean & creative beauty for commercial, video, print, and lessons.

During her time studying Cosmetology, Stacie found herself obsessed with color through her uncanny ability to name makeup colors from her classmates faces. Soon in beauty school she realizes she only enjoys styling, clipper cutting, and makeup. Instead of perceiving this investment as an expensive mistake, she chose to turn dreams into goals. With time and age her desire to speak in third person to be taken seriously dissolved...

Currently my nights are spent as a Master Makeup Instructor at the top makeup school in Seattle while freelancing during the day. I am a lifelong learner- continuously learning from the best in becoming the best. This includes traveling to learn the best techniques directly from the masters, assisting senior artists, carrying only the best products available, and refining my techniques daily. Set life is a second home- being a part of the responsibility, speed, and team atmosphere is unparalleled. My clients include Amazon, The Cut, and the top modeling agencies in town. 

When not painting Seattle you might find me eating all the enchiladas, back road tripping, talking about skincare, or playing with animals.

Check out my resume below and lets chat about how I can make your (beauty) life easier!





“I’m Going to Class”- Hosted by Erica Carr & Master Beauty Artists      October 2016 & 2017

Mastering Airbrush & Traditional Makeup- Roque Cozzette                   Completion 2015

Cosmetology License- Gary Manuel Aveda Institute                                  Graduation Date 2011

Professional Work Experience

2018 CreativeLive

2018 A to Z Tees Online Catalog

2018 Amazon Prime Print Campaign

2017 “The Daily Dose” Amazon Web Show

2017 “First Wives” Book Cover             Amazon              

2017 “What Would You Do?” Music Video by Sierra Tester LeMarco Group

2017 “Nightmares” Music Video by Sierra Tester LeMarco Group

2017 “Shine A Light” Music Video by Shabazz PalacesSub Pop

2017 “100 Years of Beauty- Vietnam”                                The Cut

2017 Seattle Metro Credit Union Testimonial Shoot   TwentyFour Seven Productions

2017 “Shadow of Colossus” Short Film currently in Post Production    

2016 “So Much Love” Music Video     by Stadiumx      Laeng Productions

2016 TRIBE Fitness Headshot & Branding Shoot            DNA Seattle      

2016 Northwest Harvest Corporate Headshots             Northwest Harvest

2016 Turkish Airlines Video Branding Shoot    Assistant              Key: Glynne Davies

2016 Alaska Airlines Employee Photography/ Video Branding Shoot     Assistant     Key: Christina Costa

2015 “Time Is On Our Side” Music Video by Stadiumx                Hair & Makeup

2015 Trifecta Hair Show                                                           Assistant              Key: Yessie Libby