Pushing Past Personal Limits + Bonus Glow Secrets by stacie thomas

 Love this pretty, badass shoot! Model: Morgan of  Heffner Management , Styling by  Jacqui Trent , Photographer  Marissa Yates . Shades courtesy of  Shady Bitch Eyewear . 

Love this pretty, badass shoot! Model: Morgan of Heffner Management, Styling by Jacqui Trent, Photographer Marissa Yates. Shades courtesy of Shady Bitch Eyewear

Hey Peeps, 

It's been a hot minute but lets talk about pushing through personal limits. If you're here just for some Glow Secrets just scroll down. As a creative business person there is always an audience along with pressure to not only steadily produce content but to have it curated. As a chronic overthinker/ perfectionist it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of what I know is  pretty.... and safe. Yet also wanting more but thinking too much and missing out. 

Where do these limits come from?

Then I start thinking of the most common phrases we're told in childhood  "Don't make a mess!" "Don't jump off of that!"  or "No you can't do that."- sure our parents were just trying to keep us from maiming ourselves. Still remnants of that voice in our heads remains for sometime, becoming part of our internal dialogue. Even among perceived free spirits such as myself which comes  across as 'If I do this, will it lead to booking the work I want or will it scare them off? Will I appear scatterbrained?' I love colorful makeup but want it to look effortless and tasteful. 

Taking Action

Then messages from creatives I admire emerged "Do it afraid." or "First adapter's advantage."  or " The only thing better than being the best is being different.". I heard it, it clicked. I pushed a little, then I pushed more. I stopped taking no for an answer.  All I've got to say: If you're on the fence about something follow your gut then let your brain guide you through execution. 

How else can we try something new while staying true to ourselves? Try 1 part of your biggest strength + 1 part something different you're drawn to. You strength will anchor things even if it's not completely what you envisioned. 

Bonus: Glow Secrets

 Every glow starts with skin prep!

Every glow starts with skin prep!

I've been testing some new skin techniques for sometime now. The key is in the skin prep- can't glow with skin flakes after all. Andrelle's Natural Skin Care Liquid Exfoliant only has a handful of ingredients, is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and removes those invisible flakes we don't see until makeup goes on. Just a once over with little on a scrubby cotton pad & you've got visibly brighter skin. It's a gamechanger- right up there with Sonia Roselli Sex A-Peel. 

The second part of one of my techniques I learned from Danessa Myricks is to use multiple shades of Illuminating Veil in shades lighter and deeper than the client's skintone. Now you don't have to use hers but you might want to because it dries down, doesn't budge, but gives an amazing reflection! For step by step details & visuals on the technique check out the Medixbeauty app then follow Danessa. 

The glossy lids are courtesy of some LimeLight raspberry shadow (limited but coming back) topped with a dab of Danessa Myricks Glaze in Kaleidoscope. The glaze works best with ColorFix but if you place strategically and don't need longwear you can use it on regular eyeshadow.

So yeah, we made some pretty badass stuff! I'll always be a clean beauty queen but it might be time to keep pushing.

What have you done recently to push past your comfort zone?

My I'm Going To Class Experience by stacie thomas

Hello readers! It's been a minute since I've blogged, it's a new year & time to grind out those goals. Why not start with the singular experience which renewed my love of artistry to take to the next level: Erica Carr's I'm Going To Class. If you aren't hip, Erica Carr is one of the nation's leading Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists and Global Educator. Erica is known professionally for identifying & cultivating unique strengths within others while challenging everyone to be proactive in pursuing their dream career. 

Being a successful artist is 50% skill, 50% personality. It must be exact.
— Reggie Wells

I'm Going To Class is the manifestation of a dream Erica had to bring the masters of beauty makeup together to teach their strong suits to makeup artists from around the world in an inclusive, environment in Portland, Oregon.  Yes, finally us in the PNW get in on world class training! As soon as I heard about it I knew I would find a way to be a part of it. Where else would I get to be taught by Reggie Wells, Alex Box, and Sam Fine in the same week without jetsetting around the world or dealing with enormous crowds at traditional trade shows? For the full 2016 lineup of Masters click here. Here are my candid thoughts on my experience, keep in mind there may be changes for 2017, of the awesome variety of course.

First Impressions

As I pulled into the Embassy Suites valet, alone from Seattle (forgetting my kitty ears and whiskers I told my roommate I'd be wearing for Halloween) I was stoked, nervous, and ready to take it all in! The first person I saw was Stephen Dimmick in his signature hot pink bowler hat, greeting someone outside. Being a bit starstruck and shy I casually said hello as I passed not knowing how he'd react or if he felt like speaking. He warmly greeted me & gave me a hug. I almost died.

 Stephen Dimmick demoing on his model.

Stephen Dimmick demoing on his model.

On my way to the check in I see none other than makeup artist icon, inventor of The Makeup Light Vivian Baker and her husband. I almost died again. I finish checking in, meet my roommates, and we run downstairs to enjoy Happy Hour with awesome people from around the world. I immediately felt at ease in this beautiful vintage hotel in one of my favorite little cities.

Sometimes adding light can be as dramatic as using dark or bright colors.
— Stephen Dimmick


One thing to know about Erica: She loves Oprah, therefore the she loves surprises. Let that soak in. The first meeting every day of class consists of Homeroom where Erica interviews each of the three masters teaching that day, lets us know what contest or vendor specials might be happening, and allows for any questions to be asked, and we choose which station to take for hands on. 

 Beau Nelson's Pink Passion Look

Beau Nelson's Pink Passion Look

Rip away the filters and see beauty for what it really is.
— Gregory Arlt


Now Class was advertised specifically as being an education based event with a few well curated vendors. The goodie bags were legit! Check out this video I made going through what we received. The vendors & sponsors included were: Smith Cosmetics, Frends Beauty, RCK, Model Rock Lashes, LimeLight By Alcone, Eliis Faas, It Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Kit & Hook, Paw Palette, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, NARS, Melt Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Kryolan, Embryolisse, Colourpop, Dermaflage, and Cinema Secrets. 

 The Goods! Thanks to the amazing vendors.

The Goods! Thanks to the amazing vendors.

Master Class

The coolest part of class is that we get to see each and every class in it's entirety. No having to carefully map out a schedule, making tough calls on which ones we have to skip like in a standard trade show, or making our way through crazy crowds to get a decent seat. Every class featured a topic, demo with lecture, plenty of time for questions, and a photo opp at the end. My first class was Color Theory with Jessie Powers- I was excited but also thought my color theory was down pat. Let me tell you Jessie laid down the knowledge in ways I'd never think of. Color not just to correct but to respect the elements of the living organ. Tips for analyzing color and texture. Sheer brilliance. 

Think of skin as a living organ with emotions in which imperfections are beautiful.
— Jessie Powers


Yes food is important! One of the biggest perks of Class was that we got fed stupid within Portland, a city known for its food ( check out the food trucks just a block away from Embassy Suites). Prior to attending any dietary restrictions are taken into account.

Breakfast: We received a complimentary breakfast in the morning including customized omelettes.

Lunch: Alternated between a themed buffet (such as Mexican or Mediterranean) or a 2 course gourmet meal with a dessert bar on the side. Buffet proved more popular so Erica ensured we received what we wished.

Snack: Snacks ranged from flatbread pizza, flavored popcorn, cheese, salami, pitas, and hummus. 

Happy Hour: There were two happy hours simultaneously inside the hotel if you wanted to keep your budget but still socialize with fellow artists. Many of us would hang out downstairs, in the lobby, or outside the hotel to for fun post class shenanigans. 

Give them what they want but in a way that pleases you.
— Sandy Linter


Hands On

Each day after the last Master taught their class we would have a couple hours to practice hands on another attendee in the main ballroom. Quarters were tight, similar to Fashion Week dimensions which is a good challenge to learn to keep that kit streamlined. I learned I need to get a smaller case! Luckily I brought my Makeup Forever shoulder bag once I realized I needed to condense. 

Start again and make it great.
— Beau Nelson

As we practiced each Master and staff made rounds to give honest guidance. If a support staff member felt they didn't specialize in what the question was, like when I asked about making a foundation shade out of a Flash Palette, they find the Master themselves to reiterate and guide us.  I do wish I reached out and asked for more individual attention but I still received excellent tidbits. Don't skip out on hands on, even if you're exhausted that is where the real learning happens!

Golden Nuggets

I can't give away all the magic that happened, also things will likely change by getting even better in 2017. That said here's a few quotes and takeaways that stood out to me.

 The Masters are more than raw talent, each of them is an amazing person in their own right. Here I am with Alex Box, Lora Arellano, Reggie Wells, and Sandy Linter. 

The Masters are more than raw talent, each of them is an amazing person in their own right. Here I am with Alex Box, Lora Arellano, Reggie Wells, and Sandy Linter. 

Paint conservatively.....
— Sam Fine (In context of working in unknown lighting conditions.
 When Sam Fine asked us if we wanted to see a smokey eye or contoured eye we demanded both! 

When Sam Fine asked us if we wanted to see a smokey eye or contoured eye we demanded both! 

Break the ice with a joke. Keep your station simple to avoid intimidating guys.”
— Julianne Kaye on Men's Grooming


Being surrounded by such diverse talent for so many hours during the week, calibrated my eyes as an artist. One of the most difficult parts of being an up & coming artist is to remove your emotions from your work, to view it with discerning eyes. The feedback I received from Cloutier Remix agency was incredible.

I learned to make a foundation shade with a Flash Palette as well as create a custom blend for that exact match thanks to Jessie Powers.

I learned quite a bit from my peers! I'm excited to finally have some makeup artist friends across the states and as far as Ireland and London. 

Above all I learned to continue staying true to myself while also taking risks sometimes. You'll never see me do Kardashian makeup but you'll see me create explosions of color occasionally. 

Making It Happen

If Class keeps running through your mind but you're unsure- just do it. The sooner you make the decision the easier it is to make it happen. Partial payments are accepted. It is a tax write off. Nike it then invite your friends. If you have an questions about my experience just email or message me. For official info & the latest updates check out imgoingtoclass.com

Who's going to Class 2017? Who do you want to see teach?

Catch you guys next time!
















New Reformulated LimeLight Perfect Eyeshadow Review by stacie thomas

Hello Everyone, 

Today I want to share my experience with the newly reformulated Perfect Eyeshadows by LimeLight by Alcone.  Honestly, the original formula from the Il Makiage ruined me for ever wanting to try other eyeshadows, it was that good. Last fall I discovered Il Makiage was to be no more so I was anxious to see how LimeLight could pull of a better formula because lets be real, often times "New & Improved" means cheap short cuts to increase profit. Besides an artist can't go from Viseart & Tom Ford to just anything. As a Makeup Artist & Beauty Guide the best quality products for my clients comes first. The new eyeshadows have occupied my kit for over a month now, I've used them on many different clients, so I lets dive in!

Here are the shades including descriptions.


#38 Cream Boat (Matte Vanilla)

 #34 Pineapple Of My Eye (matte warm cream)

#34 Pineapple Of My Eye (matte warm cream)

 #2 Peachy Gleam (golden peach with fine shimmer)

#2 Peachy Gleam (golden peach with fine shimmer)

 #26 One Night Sand (matte neutral mid-tone sand- great eyebrow shade for blondes)

#26 One Night Sand (matte neutral mid-tone sand- great eyebrow shade for blondes)

 #40 Taupe For The Best (Matte mid-tone taupe- another awesome eyebrow filling shade)

#40 Taupe For The Best (Matte mid-tone taupe- another awesome eyebrow filling shade)

 #32 A Corkable ( matte medium warm brown- a great base on warm deep skintones or as a transition shade for smokey eyes)

#32 A Corkable ( matte medium warm brown- a great base on warm deep skintones or as a transition shade for smokey eyes)

 #41 Pastel Me About It (Matte creamy pastel pink)

#41 Pastel Me About It (Matte creamy pastel pink)

 #36 Pink Happy Thoughts (matte light pink)

#36 Pink Happy Thoughts (matte light pink)

 #37 Blush Hour (Matte brown-pink- amazing against green eyes or paired with a copper like #19 Antiki Bar)

#37 Blush Hour (Matte brown-pink- amazing against green eyes or paired with a copper like #19 Antiki Bar)

 #19 Antiki Bar (bronze with fine gold shimmer- a must have in any makeup bag)

#19 Antiki Bar (bronze with fine gold shimmer- a must have in any makeup bag)

 #33 Coral of the Story (matte warm rosey brown)

#33 Coral of the Story (matte warm rosey brown)

 #8 Brownie Points (cool dark brown- I love this for filling in my brows or adding depth to my crease)

#8 Brownie Points (cool dark brown- I love this for filling in my brows or adding depth to my crease)

 #28 Ashin' For Trouble (cool mid-dark brown- another great brow shade)

#28 Ashin' For Trouble (cool mid-dark brown- another great brow shade)

 #27 La Vida Mocha (Matte neutral dark brown- slightly warmer than Brownie Points)

#27 La Vida Mocha (Matte neutral dark brown- slightly warmer than Brownie Points)

 #35 Avolways Loved You (Matte olive green- gorgeous paired with Antiki Bar)

#35 Avolways Loved You (Matte olive green- gorgeous paired with Antiki Bar)

 #39 High Koala-ty (Matte blue-tones grey)

#39 High Koala-ty (Matte blue-tones grey)

 #31 Ready, Jetset, Go (Charcoal with silvery shimmer)

#31 Ready, Jetset, Go (Charcoal with silvery shimmer)

 #9 Dial It Black (Matte black- creamy smooth, easy to blend,  glides on evenly without skipping)

#9 Dial It Black (Matte black- creamy smooth, easy to blend,  glides on evenly without skipping)

Color Selection

As you can see most of the shades are neutrals, mostly mattes. Neutrals are the basis of every eye look- from a seamless transition of a smokey eye, a good crease, filling in brows, or the base before adding strategic shimmer. The colors correspond with the past eyeshadows by number. Wanting to see some more color? Lottie's limited edition collection launching October 14th will have a 2 six color palettes to try out. Check out this behind the scenes of the Fall/Winter catalog.

 Sneak Peak of a new shade from the upcoming Lottie Collection coming October 14. 

Sneak Peak of a new shade from the upcoming Lottie Collection coming October 14. 


We call it Perfect since it took months of prototypes before finally arriving at this. One touch & you'll find it's so soft it feels almost like a cream. These shades are so pigmented, one tap is enough for the entire eye yet they blend so effortlessly with minimal fall out. The last formula had a couple shades that weren't as pigmented as the rest plus they were a slightly brittle in texture which was fragile to travel with. The new formula's creaminess has durability & blendability added to the pigmentation of the original. 


 Top-down 38, 34, 2, 26,40, 32, 41, 36, 37, 19 ,33

Top-down 38, 34, 2, 26,40, 32, 41, 36, 37, 19 ,33

 Top-down: 8, 28, 27, 5, 39,31,9

Top-down: 8, 28, 27, 5, 39,31,9


Choose the shades you want with zero waste. Eyeshadows are available in Singles for $12, 4 Well Palette $44, 6 Well Palette $64, or 18 Well Palette $188. Check out my store at limelightbyalcone.com/artistrybystacie

Overall my clients are in love with these shadows and cannot wait to see the color selection expand!

Curious about checking out the line? Schedule a video call with me at calendly.com/artistrybystacie

Schedule a consultation via email at stacie@artistrybystacie.com



Sanitation 101: A guide for clients, Makeup Artists, and sales reps by stacie thomas

Hello everyone! Personally I have heard and seen one too many sanitation horror stories from multi-million dollar companies refusing to provide disposables in their studio, to heavily soiled brushes being used on clients, to beauty influencers gluing their cold sores before application... It's time for Sanitation 101! This is for clients to have to know what to look for, makeup artists as a refresher, hobbyists, and cosmetics sales reps as well. 

So why is sanitation such a big deal? Well let me ask if you would sleep in a hotel room that wasn't cleaned prior to you using it? Think about it... a professional's kit comes into contact with up to hundreds of faces yearly. Furthermore each makeup application comes into contact with the tear ducts, dead lip skin, saliva, tears, dead skin cells, etc. Improper sanitation causes anything from acne, pink eye, the common cold, flu, cold sores, hepatitis and so on.

 This blog is Mr Yuk approved, plague free zone.   

This blog is Mr Yuk approved, plague free zone.


Prospective clients: I will show you the tools & practices to look for. Scroll down to Vetting Your Artist for the key points.

Makeup Artists: It is our responsibility as professionals to keep it clean! In the heat of the moment it can be easy to get sloppy however resist the urge to cut corners for speed. I have products recommendations and tricks that can help keep the speed up without sacrificing sanitation.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol

70% Isopropyl Alcohol is used to sanitize products, tools, the work surface, and the entire kit including every product after the service is complete. For lipsticks in tubes or any cream stick makeup the product should be sprayed with 70% alcohol then wiped down with tissue before being scooped with a sanitary spatula onto a palette. Brush handles should also be wiped down with this or a Clorox Wipe before being deep cleaned. 70% is more effective than 90% since the latter evaporates too quickly to be as efficient at killing bacteria. 

Clients: Look for this in a labeled spray bottle.

Makeup Artist: Label it so no one sprays it on their face thinking it's water. 

Palette & Spatula

Cream foundation, lipsticks, blushes, and flash colors are a breeding ground for bacteria due to their dark, warm moist atmospheres. One finger dipped in a concealer palette or one double dip renders the entire palette contaminated and must be thrown away. Never dip a brush directly into cream makeup then redip. 

Proper sanitation requires scooping with a clean spatula or disposable then applying to a palette. Spatulas can be stainless steel, sprayed with alcohol then wiped down between each color. Palettes can be stainless steel, if I'm pressed for time I love palette paper  or disposable spatulas to save time cleaning a metal palette, simply toss the used paper. Love the warmth of your hand but want to minimize skin contact? Try tegaderm film  as a replacement for the discontinued Glamcor palettes. 

Brush Care

Objective- Protect the investment and keep it a clean fight. 

Spot Cleaning

 The cleanser of all brush cleansers!

The cleanser of all brush cleansers!

1) Spot Cleaning is what is done between using different colors and clients. KEY POINT- bristles must be saturated with brush cleanser before wiping it down. A cute little spray won't cut it, saturate those bristles even if it means pouring a small amount of cleanser into a shallow pool & dunking them. 

My favorite brush cleanser which was recommended to me by the one & only Candace Sheppard of Model Misfit is Brush Off. Imagine if Cinema Secrets and Parian Spirit had a baby... the dry time of Cinema Secrets with the conditioning properties of Parian Spirit minus that crazy strong scent. Uh, I'll have what she's having! Thank you Candace.

Deep Cleaning

2) Deep Cleaning- First Spot clean, wipe the handles down with a Clorox wipe or alcohol, then clean with your soap of choice. An optional step is to soak your bristles in a bath of tea tree oil & baking soda for additional antibacterial and deodorizing properties (another great tip from Candace). I enjoy a solid soap such as London Brush Company since it has oils to condition the bristles while also being being very effective at cleaning, even Beauty Blenders or Blenderfuls come clean with ease. (Hint- I will be offering a certain makeup artist favorite must have soon...) Be sure to rinse extra well to ensure no makeup is clinging to soap remnants. 

Brush Organization

Never mix clean & dirty brushes- I use a MUFE Pouch for my clean brushes and a REI collapsible cup for my used brushes. Helps greatly with timing while maintaining control of my workspace to avoid touching a clients face with an unclean brush. 

Disposable Applicators

Lip wands, mascara spoolies, qtips, and wedge sponges. Just remember disposables are like a chip, never double dip. If a wand comes into contact with lips or lashes then back into the tube/ palette the entire tube is contaminated and must be discarded.

Clients: If an "artist" doesn't have any disposables- walk away. This is a serious error and your health is at risk from being in contact with mucous membranes.

Makeup Artists: Qosmedix.com , we all know the drill. For licensed professionals The Industry Source is excellent for sundries as well. 


Powders do not harbor bacteria and have the longest shelf life of all cosmetics. All they require is either a mist of 70% isopropyl alcohol or removing a top layer by gently rubbing the top layer with tissue. Some artists like to scrape their eyeshadows onto a clean tissue before applying so their brushes don't directly contact the pan or when wetting a shadow.

Vetting Your Artist's Sanitation Methods

So you might be wondering "Stacie that's good and all but how do I know my makeup artist does all these things before I book them? What if I'm in the chair when I notice things aren't right?". Well here's what you do before & during your service.

1) Ask about their methods- Ask your prospective artist for a picture of their standard workstation. Ask them what they use for sanitation & their process. If their station before appears haphazard and you don't see the sanitation tools, choose someone else. Professionals take pride in their presentation where budget artists and hobbyists tend to cut corners in several areas, especially sanitation since replenishing is frequent expense. Any makeup artist will be able to state without hesitation the details of their sanitation process which I described above.

2) If unsure or someone else booked the artist, bring your personal makeup bag or at least mascara and lip color.

3) During service- See something funky? Do whatever it takes to have that person NOT touch your face with their kit. Walk away, pretend you feel a cold sore a-coming, say your dog ate your credit card....

If you are hesitant of causing conflict: have your own personal makeup kit with you and say that you only want your own makeup used. 

Afterwards, send them a link to this blog, because getting sued up the wazoo for being a dirty bird isn't on anyone's bucket list. 

Thank you all for reading, sanitation isn't an exciting topic but everyone needs to be on the same page with staying safe. With that I leave you to the musical stylings of Andree 3000.

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So Much Love..... by stacie thomas

1 week and 1.5 million views- it was an honor to work with such an amazing cast and crew. Check it out So Much Love by Stadiumx & Muzzaik then Comment, Like, and Share! Produced by Matthew Laeng. Hair & Makeup by Artistry By Stacie

Exclusive Offer for Luxe Headshots May 22: Act Now! by stacie thomas

Whether you’re searching for a job and have a LinkedIn account or you’re a business owner with a bio on your company’s website, a professional headshot communicates to your client/ potential employer that you are invested in yourself. Show them your level of dedication by investing in these photos, since you know they will pay off. Also, the consistency of using the same professional photo across multiple social media platforms allows people to more easily recognize your face, will help build your brand and can increase your networking success. And boy do I have a offer my readers don't want to miss.....

May 22nd Artistry by Stacie is pairing up with Alela Photography to provide Luxe Headshots. For the price of $350 you will receive one high resolution images, retouched and airbrushed, as well as professional make-up application for the most high-end result. This is the perfect opportunity to update your image and stand out in a crowded market.

EXCLUSIVELY to my clients:

The first 2 people to email me ASAP will get their headshots done for FREE

The next 2 will get $200 OFF

And the next 2 will get $50 OFF

Hop to it!

Beauty Shots Spotlight: Shalynn of Temple Hypnosis by stacie thomas

Welcome readers! Today's post is the start of a new series, Beauty Shots Spotlights from my Beauty Shots event in which  I give create a social media blog post about their business or cause along with their images. One of the things I love most about my job are the stories....

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
— Kahlil Gibran

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Shalynn Flavell at a local networking event in Seattle, the brightness in her eyes and her bubbly personality left an impression on me. She stated that she is a Certified Hypnotherapist for Temple Hypnosis, after she took up my invitation to my Beauty Shots Event I sensed I had quite the interesting lady to get to know.

The excitement builds as my favorite beauty photographer Geoffrey Franz Photography sets up his equipment and I organize my station. As I prep her skin Shalynn explains to me how hypnosis can bring underlying thoughts and beliefs to surface, I ask her "What made you go into hypnosis?". 

"During a personal journey with cancer and bone marrow transplantation in my early 20's, I began to work with a Hypnotherapist to help me manage the emotional strain and stress. It literally changed my perspectives on myself, illness, treatment and ultimately how to be me happily in life."

I remark how it's interesting that people who face their mortality tend to live the hardest. Shaylynn describes how she became so passionate about hypnosis...

"I began deeply learning and understanding the importance of our quiet perspectives and the stance we take towards life - this determines the difference between comfort and harmony or discomfort and dis-ease. After such an impactful life situation, I really took a look at what I wanted to do with my 2nd chance. I was fascinated with the Hypnosis and mindfulness and the enormity of possibility it holds. So I finally decided to stop being a client and become the guide!"

At this point Geoffrey and I knew we had a very special lady to shoot. I decided to let her beautiful freckles shine through with a thin wash of foundation and a pop of apricot on the lips and LimeLight Peachy blush on her cheeks for a fresh Spring inspired look to match her wardrobe. You know how there's that one person at karaoke who is so shy about singing then once the mic is in their hands they blow everyone's mind? That's exactly what Shaylynn did with this shoot. We laughed, we danced, and we cocktailed the perfect juice as Geoff captured Shalynn's essence just how she is and how her clients will feel in her care. 

You have a chance to have a mini consultation with Shalynn Flavell of Temple Hypnosis at the upcoming ChickChat The Influentials event on April 23rd where you can learn more how she can coach your conscious and subconsious minds.  Also learn about her exclusive new 90 Day Mindset Mastery Program. There are less than 20 tickets available so buy yours today. Meanwhile to learn more about Temple Hypnosis check out the her website.

Thank you for reading! If you are interested in being my next Beauty Shots Featured Spotlight, email me. As always Like, Share, and Subscribe.



From Pro Kit to Beauty Bag: 5 Reasons Wax Based Foundations Rock by stacie thomas

 A recent photo of me wearing LimeLight Foundation in Shinto 4 & MB 8 for dimension.

A recent photo of me wearing LimeLight Foundation in Shinto 4 & MB 8 for dimension.

With recent talk about the benefits of wax based foundations it's time to go into discuss what makes these formulations special. When first hearing wax involved in foundation it might bring to mind ideas of being heavy, difficult to apply, and maybe the mystery relic our grandma forgets to replace. Let me share 5 reasons wax based foundations are appropriate for most skin types and are the next big thing for beauty enthusiasts.

1.) Customized Coverage- You can have a sheer veil with freckles shining through or go full coverage dependent on the amount and tool used. It can be turned into a liquid with the proper medium.

2.) Customized Finish- Mix with highlighter, moisturizer, pigments, or facial oil to give different effects.

3.) Pigmentation- the dense formulations are packed with pigment without being watered down with fillers that come standard in consumer based product. This means that you use half of what you normally would which is economical for both pros and the every day users alike. 

4.) The Second Skin Look- Now anyone who has seen my work knows I love the look of fresh, healthy skin. Even with full coverage skin must look like skin in order to look natural in person, on camera, and on video. Photoshop retouching cannot emulate the sheen of natural skin.

5.) Longevity- wax based foundations are water resistant (gently blotting off moisture will keep it intact) and long wearing. With proper skin prep & setting it does not require primer. 

Which brands are best?

This depends on your preferences of texture, skin type, and longevity. A more oily foundation will be dewier and require more touch ups, a firmer wax foundation will have a more satin finish which also lasts longer. My recommendations are:

LimeLight Botanical Foundation as a firmer wax foundation for all skin types. The most water resistant,  doubles as concealer, minimal touch ups,  and what I use & offer to most of my clients. This is the same pro favorite formula as RCMA.

Cinema Secrets for a more oil based wax foundation for those with Normal- Dry Skin. Has gorgeous dewy finish yet requires frequent touch ups throughout the day to maintain a glow without grease. 

Cozzette Infinite Makeup is great for a texture in between LimeLight and Cinema Secrets, it features botanical skin enhancing ingredients.

How Do I use it?

First warm it with your fingers on the back of your hand before applying with your tool.

For Sheer Coverage- use a damp sponge, Beauty Blender or Blenderful, or a Duo Fiber brush.

For Medium to Opaque Coverage use a dry sponge, traditional foundation brush, or your fingers.


For a dewy finish: Mix with a drop of lightweight oil such as LimeLight Must Dew or Unrefined 100% Jojoba Oil.

For an all over glow: Mix with a drop of liquid illuminator such as Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector or Burberry Fresh Glow (my favorite).


For an All Day Perfect match: Set with Perfect Powder, its completely translucent and texture-less so you don't shift that perfect match with a tinted powder. Add a mist of 10 Years Younger Setting Spray for 16 hour wear. 

So now you have some valuable insight on this reemergence of a makeup artist classic from kit to beauty bag. What  foundation are you using now? Have you ventured to the dark side of wax based foundations? How many times can I say "wax" in a dark bathroom before the beauty behemoth gets me? Share & comment below.

Did you know Artistry By Stacie offers customized Beauty Lessons & Group Workshops including products? Email me for inquiries. 

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LimeLight Brush Crush Set Review by stacie thomas

It's safe to say my latest obsession has been brushes. After experiencing the transcendence which are Cozzette brushes my standards are sky high. Those of you who haven't seen my teaser, be sure to follow me on all my social media accounts to keep up with whats new. Those who have might be intrigued by those water colored sirens, yet unsure if they will lead to cosmetic peril here are my thoughts.

First lets talk expectations. For me a great brush will: 

  1. Be synthetic yet deposit and blend powders as easily as natural hair brushes
  2. Feel balanced in the hand
  3. Be velvety soft yet firm enough for controlled application
  4. Have the proper density for the task 

I can say that LimeLight brushes meet & exceed these demands. 

The Brush Crush Collection includes 15 brushes: 1-5 are Complexion, 6-10 are Eye, 11-15 are Detail Eye Brushes. The set was a limited edition with the launch, so the individual brushes will be available for purchase soon. For an in-depth review on each brush check out the videos below. Pardon the quality fluctuation of the recording, the content and tips are well worth it.


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Release Your Creativity: Cozzette Infinite Brush Set Review by stacie thomas


Hello all, this review has been a long time coming. Cozzette brushes have been a staple in many makeup artists arsenal for years. After taking Roque Cozzette's Synergy of Airbrush & Traditional Makeup Techniques workshop, which in itself another blog post, I finally made the time to report back. First lets dive into the man behind the brushes.

 Background & brightness adjusted to display texture of bristles.

Background & brightness adjusted to display texture of bristles.

Roque Cozzette is a seasoned makeup artist with experience in print, fashion, television, and product development to name a few specialties. He is infamous for his haute couture works integrated with airbrush. Back in the 80's when he began his career he found himself frustrated by the brushes available, so he began hand trimming his own into optimal shapes for his creations. Years later Roque founded Cozzette as a natural transgression of what he already did. Cozzette brushes are known for being the best quality vegan brushes with signature tapered bristles and handles.

The Infinite Line was launched in late 2015 and I was thrilled to be among the first to try it out.  This collection is inspired by hematite which is present to "ground" the artist, block negative energy, and inspire infinite creativity. Once you touch these babies you know they were made with tender loving care. The Infinite Set features 11 brushes exclusively available in a set. This set was designed with beauty schools, newer artists, or just people new to the Cozzette line by offering great quality at an affordable $111 ($77 after the Pro Discount) which is between $7-$10 per brush. Roque could have marketed the Infinite Set as a luxury line, but thankfully he chose to keep it accessible for all. Lets dive into the individual brushes shall we?

#1 Large Fluffy Brush: This brush features a slight taper to press into those nooks & crannies. The individual bristles are slightly crimped to mimic a cuticle to deposit  powder like a natural hair brush would. It is very soft yet not floppy so powders can be controlled without creating a sandstorm.

#2 Duo Fiber Brush: The duo fiber to end all duo fibers I call it. Of course this brush features two layers of bristles, yet the tapered point reaches the corners of the eye & around the nose with ease. This is perfect for blush, highlight, contour, bronzer, blush, and foundation in either cream or powder formulations. My favorite out of the collection.

#3 Large Angled Brush: With it's narrow shape it reminds me of Chanel's blush brush only better. Ideal for cream foundation, blush, bronzer, or contour.

#4 Tapered Crease or Blender: This brush also has a crimped fiber to blend powders effortlessly. This can be good for a soft crease depending on the size of the eye or an all over wash of color. It's also good for buffing concealers around the eyes or nose.

#5 Depositor Brush: Ideal for packing color on the lid or large area. 

#6 Foundation Brush: The shape tapers to a point and is so soft you or your client will feel like falling asleep from the immense coziness. 

#7 Concealer Brush: I like to apply LimeLight concealer right under that lashline then tap it out with the warmth of my finger, no correcter needed, just a nice glide.

#8 Lip Brush: Notice how much longer the bristles are for a lip brush? Someone better call my Mom because this one's a smooth operator. The elongated shape glides and hugs the lip so nicely opposed to jerky pivot motions. (Note: please don't call my Mom, we are adults here)

#9 Brow Brush: Self explanatory, technique is key in the brow department.

#10 Pointed Detail: Highlight the inner corner or cupids bow, smoke out that liner, add depth, or spot conceal.

#11 Bent Liner: I love mixing with Inglot Duraline to turn shadows into liners, also great for spot concealing without having to blend the edges to high heaven. Roque's Tip: If the bristles fray dip the the tip in boiling water briefly to reshape bristles. 

Overall Cozzette brushes are the kind of brushes than ruin you for others. The slippery, pokey synthetic  brushes of the past have been replaced with cruelty free brushes that are just as soft and high performing as animal hair. I also believe in the power of intent, Cozzette brushes are made with love and optimal quality in mind. The products I use in my kit must be the highest quality in both performance and company ethics. At the airbrush workshop Roque mentioned he believes the primary brush lines being made with intent and love are Cozzette and bDellium. I look forward to adding more of both to my kit, while phasing out others Stay tuned for more.

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Launching Limelight By Alcone In Seattle by stacie thomas


I am excited to announce that Artistry By Stacie is now offering Limelight By Alcone professional makeup and luxury chemical-free skincare to clients.Yes, the same makeup and skincare I use on you for you can now add to your personal makeup bag. As the first Independent Consultant in Washington State, fellow West Coasters might not be familiar with Alcone.  Allow me to give a rundown on the company history, products, and why I chose it. 

Alcone was founded in 1950 as a pharmacy which also sold cosmetics to Broadway showgirls and starlets. Today, Alcone remains a family owned business and is regarded by makeup artists and celebrities around the world as the destination of exclusive cosmetics at affordable prices. 

Alcone employees noticed that many makeup artists were buying products for their clients, so they sought reward their makeup artists for their patronage while expanding their reach. Alcone gathered their top selling items, then utilized strong vendor relationships to create the same formulas under Limelight By Alcone.  The eyeshadows are Il Makiage (the original MAC pigments before the Estee Lauder acquisition), the Botanical Foundation is RCMA, the setting spray is Skindinavia, and the concealer is Dermacolor. Limelight skincare is chemical free, paraben free, and mostly vegan (the body creams contain beeswax). In a nutshell Limelight by Alcone is a mix of both new and old- the products have been used for decades on celebrities, photo shoots, and fashion shows.

    Jacob Hyzer Makeup Artist/ Alcone Co. Creative Director & I at Alcone Flagship NYC before he did a holiday lip demo on me. Follow him on  Instagram .


Jacob Hyzer Makeup Artist/ Alcone Co. Creative Director & I at Alcone Flagship NYC before he did a holiday lip demo on me. Follow him on Instagram.

Every day there is a new "must have" product or hot trend. As I became jaded by all the gimmicks, buying makeup for my kit became a chore rather than the fun part of my job.  After my MAC eyeshadow palette under performed on one job too many (just being honest, MAC still has it's gems) it was time to upgrade PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick for the kids out there) . Following chance meeting with a lovely Limelight Rep Meredith, some swatch action covering my arms,  and intense euphoria- I was sold. I used Limelight for 3 months straight on a wide variety of jobs- music videos, film, indoor and outdoor shoots, bridal, character makeup, and light special effect work. Needless to say it passed the test, my clients adore it, and I'm finally happy enough to share my secret arsenal in Seattle. 

Rarely does a makeup artist use only one brand exclusively, being that each has it's strengths and weaknesses. Limelight By Alcone has masterfully curated each item from the best in category from various professional cosmetics industry to offer what's an ideal line for everyone. Artistry By Stacie will always utilize the best products and tools for clients regardless of brand. Fortunately for us both, Limelight is my baseline that I'm happy to share with clients from the bottom of my persnickety, little heart. 

Thank you for reading! Share your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

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Welcome to the Artistry By Stacie Blog by stacie thomas

Hello there, let me introduce myself. My name is Stacie Thomas and I'm a Makeup Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist in Seattle, WA. I'm a geek for life- I've always examined things very closely, dabbled in fine arts, and above I was the dreaded "why" kid. Not the intentionally-annoying- adults kid, but stump the adults who never bothered themselves to contemplate "why". 

This geekdom impacts me as a beauty professional by constantly scanning and analyzing the business environment, investing in top quality education from industry leaders, assisting veteran artists, and providing world class service for my clients (a pleasant side effect of working at Nordstrom). 

So why would you want to read my blog? The Artistry By Stacie blog will be about what's going in this crazy beauty world, pictures of work I do (no filter wizardry), product reviews (honest no puffery), and anything else relevant from the perspective of discerning (and occasionally eccentric) professional Makeup Artist. If you'd like to see something specific, leave a comment. I want to hear more about what you have to say. Thank you for visiting!


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