Release Your Creativity: Cozzette Infinite Brush Set Review


Hello all, this review has been a long time coming. Cozzette brushes have been a staple in many makeup artists arsenal for years. After taking Roque Cozzette's Synergy of Airbrush & Traditional Makeup Techniques workshop, which in itself another blog post, I finally made the time to report back. First lets dive into the man behind the brushes.

Background & brightness adjusted to display texture of bristles.

Background & brightness adjusted to display texture of bristles.

Roque Cozzette is a seasoned makeup artist with experience in print, fashion, television, and product development to name a few specialties. He is infamous for his haute couture works integrated with airbrush. Back in the 80's when he began his career he found himself frustrated by the brushes available, so he began hand trimming his own into optimal shapes for his creations. Years later Roque founded Cozzette as a natural transgression of what he already did. Cozzette brushes are known for being the best quality vegan brushes with signature tapered bristles and handles.

The Infinite Line was launched in late 2015 and I was thrilled to be among the first to try it out.  This collection is inspired by hematite which is present to "ground" the artist, block negative energy, and inspire infinite creativity. Once you touch these babies you know they were made with tender loving care. The Infinite Set features 11 brushes exclusively available in a set. This set was designed with beauty schools, newer artists, or just people new to the Cozzette line by offering great quality at an affordable $111 ($77 after the Pro Discount) which is between $7-$10 per brush. Roque could have marketed the Infinite Set as a luxury line, but thankfully he chose to keep it accessible for all. Lets dive into the individual brushes shall we?

#1 Large Fluffy Brush: This brush features a slight taper to press into those nooks & crannies. The individual bristles are slightly crimped to mimic a cuticle to deposit  powder like a natural hair brush would. It is very soft yet not floppy so powders can be controlled without creating a sandstorm.

#2 Duo Fiber Brush: The duo fiber to end all duo fibers I call it. Of course this brush features two layers of bristles, yet the tapered point reaches the corners of the eye & around the nose with ease. This is perfect for blush, highlight, contour, bronzer, blush, and foundation in either cream or powder formulations. My favorite out of the collection.

#3 Large Angled Brush: With it's narrow shape it reminds me of Chanel's blush brush only better. Ideal for cream foundation, blush, bronzer, or contour.

#4 Tapered Crease or Blender: This brush also has a crimped fiber to blend powders effortlessly. This can be good for a soft crease depending on the size of the eye or an all over wash of color. It's also good for buffing concealers around the eyes or nose.

#5 Depositor Brush: Ideal for packing color on the lid or large area. 

#6 Foundation Brush: The shape tapers to a point and is so soft you or your client will feel like falling asleep from the immense coziness. 

#7 Concealer Brush: I like to apply LimeLight concealer right under that lashline then tap it out with the warmth of my finger, no correcter needed, just a nice glide.

#8 Lip Brush: Notice how much longer the bristles are for a lip brush? Someone better call my Mom because this one's a smooth operator. The elongated shape glides and hugs the lip so nicely opposed to jerky pivot motions. (Note: please don't call my Mom, we are adults here)

#9 Brow Brush: Self explanatory, technique is key in the brow department.

#10 Pointed Detail: Highlight the inner corner or cupids bow, smoke out that liner, add depth, or spot conceal.

#11 Bent Liner: I love mixing with Inglot Duraline to turn shadows into liners, also great for spot concealing without having to blend the edges to high heaven. Roque's Tip: If the bristles fray dip the the tip in boiling water briefly to reshape bristles. 

Overall Cozzette brushes are the kind of brushes than ruin you for others. The slippery, pokey synthetic  brushes of the past have been replaced with cruelty free brushes that are just as soft and high performing as animal hair. I also believe in the power of intent, Cozzette brushes are made with love and optimal quality in mind. The products I use in my kit must be the highest quality in both performance and company ethics. At the airbrush workshop Roque mentioned he believes the primary brush lines being made with intent and love are Cozzette and bDellium. I look forward to adding more of both to my kit, while phasing out others Stay tuned for more.

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