LimeLight Brush Crush Set Review

It's safe to say my latest obsession has been brushes. After experiencing the transcendence which are Cozzette brushes my standards are sky high. Those of you who haven't seen my teaser, be sure to follow me on all my social media accounts to keep up with whats new. Those who have might be intrigued by those water colored sirens, yet unsure if they will lead to cosmetic peril here are my thoughts.

First lets talk expectations. For me a great brush will: 

  1. Be synthetic yet deposit and blend powders as easily as natural hair brushes
  2. Feel balanced in the hand
  3. Be velvety soft yet firm enough for controlled application
  4. Have the proper density for the task 

I can say that LimeLight brushes meet & exceed these demands. 

The Brush Crush Collection includes 15 brushes: 1-5 are Complexion, 6-10 are Eye, 11-15 are Detail Eye Brushes. The set was a limited edition with the launch, so the individual brushes will be available for purchase soon. For an in-depth review on each brush check out the videos below. Pardon the quality fluctuation of the recording, the content and tips are well worth it.


As always I am happy to answer any questions you may have. You can check out my store at Click the share button below & enjoy!