Pushing Past Personal Limits + Bonus Glow Secrets / by stacie thomas

 Love this pretty, badass shoot! Model: Morgan of  Heffner Management , Styling by  Jacqui Trent , Photographer  Marissa Yates . Shades courtesy of  Shady Bitch Eyewear . 

Love this pretty, badass shoot! Model: Morgan of Heffner Management, Styling by Jacqui Trent, Photographer Marissa Yates. Shades courtesy of Shady Bitch Eyewear

Hey Peeps, 

It's been a hot minute but lets talk about pushing through personal limits. If you're here just for some Glow Secrets just scroll down. As a creative business person there is always an audience along with pressure to not only steadily produce content but to have it curated. As a chronic overthinker/ perfectionist it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of what I know is  pretty.... and safe. Yet also wanting more but thinking too much and missing out. 

Where do these limits come from?

Then I start thinking of the most common phrases we're told in childhood  "Don't make a mess!" "Don't jump off of that!"  or "No you can't do that."- sure our parents were just trying to keep us from maiming ourselves. Still remnants of that voice in our heads remains for sometime, becoming part of our internal dialogue. Even among perceived free spirits such as myself which comes  across as 'If I do this, will it lead to booking the work I want or will it scare them off? Will I appear scatterbrained?' I love colorful makeup but want it to look effortless and tasteful. 

Taking Action

Then messages from creatives I admire emerged "Do it afraid." or "First adapter's advantage."  or " The only thing better than being the best is being different.". I heard it, it clicked. I pushed a little, then I pushed more. I stopped taking no for an answer.  All I've got to say: If you're on the fence about something follow your gut then let your brain guide you through execution. 

How else can we try something new while staying true to ourselves? Try 1 part of your biggest strength + 1 part something different you're drawn to. You strength will anchor things even if it's not completely what you envisioned. 

Bonus: Glow Secrets

 Every glow starts with skin prep!

Every glow starts with skin prep!

I've been testing some new skin techniques for sometime now. The key is in the skin prep- can't glow with skin flakes after all. Andrelle's Natural Skin Care Liquid Exfoliant only has a handful of ingredients, is gentle enough for sensitive skin, and removes those invisible flakes we don't see until makeup goes on. Just a once over with little on a scrubby cotton pad & you've got visibly brighter skin. It's a gamechanger- right up there with Sonia Roselli Sex A-Peel. 

The second part of one of my techniques I learned from Danessa Myricks is to use multiple shades of Illuminating Veil in shades lighter and deeper than the client's skintone. Now you don't have to use hers but you might want to because it dries down, doesn't budge, but gives an amazing reflection! For step by step details & visuals on the technique check out the Medixbeauty app then follow Danessa. 

The glossy lids are courtesy of some LimeLight raspberry shadow (limited but coming back) topped with a dab of Danessa Myricks Glaze in Kaleidoscope. The glaze works best with ColorFix but if you place strategically and don't need longwear you can use it on regular eyeshadow.

So yeah, we made some pretty badass stuff! I'll always be a clean beauty queen but it might be time to keep pushing.

What have you done recently to push past your comfort zone?