From Pro Kit to Beauty Bag: 5 Reasons Wax Based Foundations Rock / by stacie thomas

 A recent photo of me wearing LimeLight Foundation in Shinto 4 & MB 8 for dimension.

A recent photo of me wearing LimeLight Foundation in Shinto 4 & MB 8 for dimension.

With recent talk about the benefits of wax based foundations it's time to go into discuss what makes these formulations special. When first hearing wax involved in foundation it might bring to mind ideas of being heavy, difficult to apply, and maybe the mystery relic our grandma forgets to replace. Let me share 5 reasons wax based foundations are appropriate for most skin types and are the next big thing for beauty enthusiasts.

1.) Customized Coverage- You can have a sheer veil with freckles shining through or go full coverage dependent on the amount and tool used. It can be turned into a liquid with the proper medium.

2.) Customized Finish- Mix with highlighter, moisturizer, pigments, or facial oil to give different effects.

3.) Pigmentation- the dense formulations are packed with pigment without being watered down with fillers that come standard in consumer based product. This means that you use half of what you normally would which is economical for both pros and the every day users alike. 

4.) The Second Skin Look- Now anyone who has seen my work knows I love the look of fresh, healthy skin. Even with full coverage skin must look like skin in order to look natural in person, on camera, and on video. Photoshop retouching cannot emulate the sheen of natural skin.

5.) Longevity- wax based foundations are water resistant (gently blotting off moisture will keep it intact) and long wearing. With proper skin prep & setting it does not require primer. 

Which brands are best?

This depends on your preferences of texture, skin type, and longevity. A more oily foundation will be dewier and require more touch ups, a firmer wax foundation will have a more satin finish which also lasts longer. My recommendations are:

LimeLight Botanical Foundation as a firmer wax foundation for all skin types. The most water resistant,  doubles as concealer, minimal touch ups,  and what I use & offer to most of my clients. This is the same pro favorite formula as RCMA.

Cinema Secrets for a more oil based wax foundation for those with Normal- Dry Skin. Has gorgeous dewy finish yet requires frequent touch ups throughout the day to maintain a glow without grease. 

Cozzette Infinite Makeup is great for a texture in between LimeLight and Cinema Secrets, it features botanical skin enhancing ingredients.

How Do I use it?

First warm it with your fingers on the back of your hand before applying with your tool.

For Sheer Coverage- use a damp sponge, Beauty Blender or Blenderful, or a Duo Fiber brush.

For Medium to Opaque Coverage use a dry sponge, traditional foundation brush, or your fingers.


For a dewy finish: Mix with a drop of lightweight oil such as LimeLight Must Dew or Unrefined 100% Jojoba Oil.

For an all over glow: Mix with a drop of liquid illuminator such as Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector or Burberry Fresh Glow (my favorite).


For an All Day Perfect match: Set with Perfect Powder, its completely translucent and texture-less so you don't shift that perfect match with a tinted powder. Add a mist of 10 Years Younger Setting Spray for 16 hour wear. 

So now you have some valuable insight on this reemergence of a makeup artist classic from kit to beauty bag. What  foundation are you using now? Have you ventured to the dark side of wax based foundations? How many times can I say "wax" in a dark bathroom before the beauty behemoth gets me? Share & comment below.

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Thank you for reading.