Welcome to the Artistry By Stacie Blog

Hello there, let me introduce myself. My name is Stacie Thomas and I'm a Makeup Artist and Licensed Cosmetologist in Seattle, WA. I'm a geek for life- I've always examined things very closely, dabbled in fine arts, and above I was the dreaded "why" kid. Not the intentionally-annoying- adults kid, but stump the adults who never bothered themselves to contemplate "why". 

This geekdom impacts me as a beauty professional by constantly scanning and analyzing the business environment, investing in top quality education from industry leaders, assisting veteran artists, and providing world class service for my clients (a pleasant side effect of working at Nordstrom). 

So why would you want to read my blog? The Artistry By Stacie blog will be about what's going in this crazy beauty world, pictures of work I do (no filter wizardry), product reviews (honest no puffery), and anything else relevant from the perspective of discerning (and occasionally eccentric) professional Makeup Artist. If you'd like to see something specific, leave a comment. I want to hear more about what you have to say. Thank you for visiting!


Here's looking at you, Kid.