Launching Limelight By Alcone In Seattle


I am excited to announce that Artistry By Stacie is now offering Limelight By Alcone professional makeup and luxury chemical-free skincare to clients.Yes, the same makeup and skincare I use on you for you can now add to your personal makeup bag. As the first Independent Consultant in Washington State, fellow West Coasters might not be familiar with Alcone.  Allow me to give a rundown on the company history, products, and why I chose it. 

Alcone was founded in 1950 as a pharmacy which also sold cosmetics to Broadway showgirls and starlets. Today, Alcone remains a family owned business and is regarded by makeup artists and celebrities around the world as the destination of exclusive cosmetics at affordable prices. 

Alcone employees noticed that many makeup artists were buying products for their clients, so they sought reward their makeup artists for their patronage while expanding their reach. Alcone gathered their top selling items, then utilized strong vendor relationships to create the same formulas under Limelight By Alcone.  The eyeshadows are Il Makiage (the original MAC pigments before the Estee Lauder acquisition), the Botanical Foundation is RCMA, the setting spray is Skindinavia, and the concealer is Dermacolor. Limelight skincare is chemical free, paraben free, and mostly vegan (the body creams contain beeswax). In a nutshell Limelight by Alcone is a mix of both new and old- the products have been used for decades on celebrities, photo shoots, and fashion shows.

   Jacob Hyzer Makeup Artist/ Alcone Co. Creative Director & I at Alcone Flagship NYC before he did a holiday lip demo on me. Follow him on  Instagram .


Jacob Hyzer Makeup Artist/ Alcone Co. Creative Director & I at Alcone Flagship NYC before he did a holiday lip demo on me. Follow him on Instagram.

Every day there is a new "must have" product or hot trend. As I became jaded by all the gimmicks, buying makeup for my kit became a chore rather than the fun part of my job.  After my MAC eyeshadow palette under performed on one job too many (just being honest, MAC still has it's gems) it was time to upgrade PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick for the kids out there) . Following chance meeting with a lovely Limelight Rep Meredith, some swatch action covering my arms,  and intense euphoria- I was sold. I used Limelight for 3 months straight on a wide variety of jobs- music videos, film, indoor and outdoor shoots, bridal, character makeup, and light special effect work. Needless to say it passed the test, my clients adore it, and I'm finally happy enough to share my secret arsenal in Seattle. 

Rarely does a makeup artist use only one brand exclusively, being that each has it's strengths and weaknesses. Limelight By Alcone has masterfully curated each item from the best in category from various professional cosmetics industry to offer what's an ideal line for everyone. Artistry By Stacie will always utilize the best products and tools for clients regardless of brand. Fortunately for us both, Limelight is my baseline that I'm happy to share with clients from the bottom of my persnickety, little heart. 

Thank you for reading! Share your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

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